Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mini Quilts

Come out today, April 5 and tomorrow, April 6, for the Kaw Valley Quilters' Guild annual show in Lawrence,  KS. We are 200 members strong, so you can imagine the variety of beautiful quilts that will be on display! Show hours are 10-5 Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday, at Crown Toyota on south Iowa street. I made a couple of fun mini quilts that will be included in the silent auction. Come on out if you're in the area!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vintage Table Topper

This is a vintage table topper I found recently in an antique shop in Russell, KS,  It's a beautiful shop with incredibly reasonable prices.  A nice stop along I-70 if you need that halfway break!

I loved the crochet edging, which is why I spent the whopping $2!

And I decided the middle was way too white so I added a tiny line of black hand stitching to make it pop!

The corners were original embroidery.  I did a heavy stipple to make the corners and small embroidered flowers pop.  Then added glass beads for the finishing touch.

And wa-la, a beautiful new table or wall piece.  This will go into our annual quilt shows silent auction for mini quilts.  If you're in the area, April 5 and 6 at Crown Toyota in Lawrence, KS.  See our website for more details

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quilt for Mary Kerr!

I am tickled to have finished a quilt that will be added to a traveling exhibit called "Quilt As Desired", curated by Mary Kerr.  She gave me this vintage top last November after I met her at this very exhibit in Kansas City.

Ironically, I had just put on my own vintage top that looked very similar to Marys....

So it took me awhile to get hers on the frame.  I let my own become the experiment!

One of my new, favorite "rough draft" ideas is to take regular kitchen plastic wrap and tape it over my design.  Then I use a sharpie and draw my design on top.  Works great, just don't let there be any holes in the plastic wrap!!!

Some days I get a little help from my granddaughter, Juniper.  I think one day she'll use my quilts as a fort!

And the back is a mix of mostly vintage fabrics.....

And after 56 hours and a couple of weeks on the frame, TA DA!!!!

You can see the schedule for this exhibit here and it begins in Baltimore, Maryland, this weekend March 6-8.  It is an exhibit worth seeing!  Enjoy!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Vintage Hankie.....Quilted!

How many vintage hankies, doilies and linens do you have in your home, tucked away in a drawer or closet?  Between large quilts, I love to do a quick, small vintage piece.  I bought this hankie a few weeks ago in a local antique store for $5.  Even that is a little expensive for me, but I adored the handwork in the small squares.

I decided I wanted those squares to have some bling, so I backed it with 30 year old satin from my wedding dress (created by my mother-in-law so I have scrap).

And here is the "sandwich" before I got going on the quilting.  I didn't end up with much of the satin showing, but I really wanted the handwork to stand out this time.

VOILA!!  The finished product.  I added some glass beads for some sparkle.  Do you have a special hankie or linen piece that you would like displayed and not hidden in a drawer?  Let's make something out of your treasure, email me!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Garage Sale Quilts!

My favorite summertime activity is garage "saling".  Hope that's a word because I use it often!  I find the best fabrics, blocks, sometimes orphaned quilt tops, for amazing prices.  I found what were only pieces of this quilt a couple of years ago and just finished hand piecing last summer.  It took a LONG time to finish.  It is only lap size, but perfect for a little girl.  I bought it for $2!!!  Once on the frame it came alive.  I used a digitized computer border and just a simple loop for the center so I could hold down a few corners and seams.  Once again, my granddaughter and daughter were perfect models ;)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Future Generations of Quilting

I'm always a little concerned with who will be the quilters of the future?  Will the 20 and 30 year olds pick up where their mothers and grandmothers left off?  I hope so!

One of my grown daughters recently finished a scrappy quilt she had been working on for quite a few years.  She was hand quilting the whole thing and got to the border and just wanted it done!  Maybe having a baby slowed the process?  So we put it on the frame and I machine quilted the rest.  Lucky to have a pretty cute quilt model too!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vintage Top With Edge to Edge Design

Some quilt tops just need to get done!  I chose to do a swirly edge to edge design on this vintage top.  Dusty Farrell was the digital designer on this one.  The density of the swirls really made the top secure.

It has become a favorite design for many customer quilts.  The whimsical nature makes the quilt live again!